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Solutions based on telematics

Our team carries out a full cycle of development and implementation of software solutions using telematics for transport, logistics and fuel management. Working in this field for more than 10 years allows us to glue any static data with telematics with high quality and accuracy. 

For example, we recently introduced support for 10 fuel cards from various vendors, among which there are vendors without their own API. Transaction data from these cards is transferred to the monitoring system and compared with the values received from the fuel level sensor. If something goes wrong, the system notifies the manager via messenger.

Data aggregation

The specialists of our company have vast experience in the field of aggregation of any data from various sources into a single storage and processing system. Data for aggregation can be used in any format and transfer protocols, for example, using API or MQTT.

We also have extensive experience in working with the aggregation of telemetry from various vehicles using different protocols into unified transport management systems.

Mobile Application Development

One of our leading areas is the development of smart mobile applications and chatbots. We are ready to develop narrowly focused mobile applications for specific business tasks. Most of our applications are built on the Flutter cross-platform framework. We integrate bots that completely repeat human actions into the routine tasks of many business processes, thereby reducing the time spent by your employees. We also develop various bots for VK/Instagram/Telegram.

What tasks are we ready to solve?

Analytics, data science, programming & UX/UI design


Conducting an audit of your business in order to identify tasks that require automation

Data integration

Collection of data from various sources and their instant batch processing

Interface development

Implementation of a system for working with all data in a single perimeter

Our cases

The most interesting projects of our clients

Quality control of telematics data

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In the process of aggregating telematic data from different carriers, it often turns out that data from subscriber terminals enter the system with different delays...