Customer portal for construction material producer

A client’s attention to its customers is a very important criterion. The client is a worldwide leader in producing of construction materials and providing complex solutions in the construction business. Today the client operates four cement factories and also three quarries of non-metallic extraction.  The client’s products are used in infrastructure building, in the manufacturing of a ready-mixed concrete, concrete goods and light concrete products. Every day there are 500 orders of a different kind and quantity being loaded.

To maintain loyalty, an interface has been developed that allows the client to track the delivery of an order online, with an estimated arrival time, order contents and vehicle information. There are no analogues for this service. Learn more about the customer portal.

The Problem:

To plan their activities, customers need to quickly receive information about the status of the order, the time of its delivery, and the content. Prior to the introduction of the client portal, the dispatchers of the customer’s company had to consult customers by phone, information about orders was in several specialized resources, and the Wialon monitoring system was additionally used to track the location of the car. The labor costs for this process were very high.

The Idea:

To develop a customer’s personal account, which will contain information only about the orders of this customer. In the interface, you need to combine order data from the internal system with telemetry from cars, add logic for calculating the planned arrival time, taking into account the traffic situation. Access for the customer must be unique and personal.

The Implementation:

How to get car location data? (there are more than 600 of them)

Almost all vehicles involved in the transportation are equipped with GPS / GLONASS devices. No matter what system the carriers use, Geoservice used the Flespi platform to consolidate telemetry and transfer it to the client interface. Calculators for key metrics analyses were also used in Flespi.

How to get information about orders?*

(There are more than 500 orders daily, dispatch from different factories, delivery to dynamic addresses)

API integration with the international system that client is using to administer orders, made it possible to obtain data:

  • Order number and its status (“planned for shipment”, in the process of loading, in transit, delivered);
  • Statuses (time of arrival for loading, time of departure from loading);
  • Information about the delivery vehicle and trailer (vehicle registration plate, make of the car, model, color of the vehicle);
  • Full name of the driver;
  • Information about the shipped volume and the contents of the order (cement brand, etc).

Data is transmitted in real time, Geoservice are able to process and visualize this data on the fly.

How to give access to a customer?

Separately, an authorization form was developed, which is administered by employees of the client’s company. Registration is possible if the email matches and is assigned to the consignee’s number. Password requirements increase the security of commercial information.

Geoservice is actively developing chat bots, and this project also possesses its own digital assistants. Telegram bot has two roles:

  1. for the dispatcher (information on all orders), notification of the progress of orders, transition from the bot to the portal interface;
  2. for the customer (information on the orders of a specific customer), notification of the progress of orders. transition from the bot to the portal interface.

The Result

Customers of the client got access to the Fully Functional Portal with the necessary information about orders.

  • The portal allows you to update list of orders in the interface in real time and group by status;
  • Display the movement of the vehicle to the place of unloading with the planned time of arrival based on the traffic situation;
  • Display unloading points on the map, automatically close orders based on telemetry data.

An adapted mobile version and a telegram bot both make it possible to track deliveries from anywhere. The instruction for customers that is fixed in the personal account excludes the occurrence of questions on the use of the system.