Fuel gateway is a tool for accounting every fuel drop

In large vehicle fleets where drivers use fuel cards that were given by the company for fuel filling, it could be difficult for the company to track where to and how much fuel was filled in vehicle.

A lot of our clients ask us for a complex solution of fuel consumption monitoring at the fuel station. We developed our own fuel gateway that has a possibility to get the data from the most of fuel stations.

How does it work?

Every our client has the possibility to use the fuel gateway tool. With the connection to the gateway every client transaction that was made with a fuel card of any vendor will get to our server. The software specifies a transaction ownership to a certain vehicle, its sum, a volume and a type of fuel that was filled.

Then the operated data of every transaction forwards to Wialon monitoring system.


Besides the fuel filling data at the fuel station, the monitoring system also shows the data of fuel amount that was in fact got into the tank. Such monitoring is realized with two ways:

  • Installation of a fuel level sensor to the fuel tank;
  • Reading the data from standard fuel level sensor, for example, using a CAN-bus.

Having the fact figures of a fuel level (Fuel level sensor figures) and the fuel volume that was consumed (at the fuel station) and with the help of a summary report, we calculate the fuel volume that was not got into the tank because of fuel thefts.

What does the fuel gateway give to our clients?

Using the fuel theft monitoring our clients are able to:

  • Decrease almost to zero the amount of fuel theft;
  • Except the possibility of fuel card cashing and offside vehicles fillings.

In the case of using other vendor fuel cards, including abroad company fuel cards, we are ready to provide support in our gateway for any possible fuel card supplier on individual conditions.

We are ready to provide support in our gateway for any possible fuel card supplier on individual conditions.


How to connect to the GEOSERVICE fuel gateway?  

For our clients, who purchased our monitoring services, the connection to the fuel gateway is a bonus, so it can be used for free. Contact our managers to check a possibility to connect to the gateway if you are not our client.