Ultra Telematics

Ultra Telematics is a modern cross-platform object monitoring system. We developed it for our partners in Colombia based on the framework and technology stack used in our Geoservice24 product.

This monitoring system is cross-platform, which allows it to be used as a browser application, desktop programs for Windows and Mac , as well as Android and iOS applications . The interface flexibly adapts to the device and allows the user to access all the functionality of the system without any restrictions.

Solution based on GEOSERVICE24 – framework allows:

  • To carry out online control over the movement and parameters of monitored objects;
  • To create “Geofences” on the map, they are specific areas used to track units within or outside of these areas and can be used to perform particular actions;
  • To assign drivers to certain equipment units and control their work;
  • To create custom event algorithms for an object with the ability to receive notification when a specific event occurs;
  • Generate different reports about one object or several objects at the same time.
Event manager interface

One of the most important advantages over other monitoring systems is the ability to create custom notifications.

For example, using this functionality, you can set a speed limit for each driver on a specific vehicle, which will allow you to receive a notification when the driver exceeds this limit. You can also create a notification to enable or disable additional equipment installed on the transport and also receive them in the monitoring interface, by email or in Telegram.

The ability to generate various reports allows the user to receive reports such as:

  • Trip reports
  • Parking Reports
  • Idling equipment reports
  • Reports on visits and departures from geofences
  • Hours reports
  • Mileage reports
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • Reports on drivers, schedules of their work and shifts

Also, the system has the ability to create reports on a schedule, and at the right time send them to the user by email.

Web interface. Monitoring page.

To date, the Ultra Telematics project is being developed and supported entirely by our team, the main framework for this project is also constantly improving and becoming more and more flexible with the progress of development. All this allows us to easily implement similar niche solutions for you, so if you have ideas for cooperation within this product, we are waiting for your suggestions.