Driving quality monitoring

Companies around the world are trying to minimize the number of accidents and are looking for ways to prevent incidents that can lead to traffic accidents.

Why is driving quality monitoring important?

Security. The value of human lives comes first

Reducing the cost of fleet ownership:

  • Reduction of equipment downtime due to repair after accidents
  • Reducing the damage chance or cargo loss
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reducing the cost of car maintenance

Increasing staff discipline. A disciplined driver does not make a threat to others and maintains the image of companies that strive to meet global safety standards.

Geoservice Company is an expert in driving quality monitoring.

The proposed solutions are a hardware and software complex that allows you to control the quality of driving according to a set of criteria. Based on these criteria, it is possible to calculate penalty points for a car, driver, and evaluate the carrier’s fleet.

The worldwide leader in producing construction materials and providing complex solutions in the construction business uses hired carriers to deliver its products to customers. The company asked Geoservice specialists to develop a comprehensive solution for assessing driving quality.

Initial data:

  • more than 20 hired carrier companies
  • more than 700+ cars of different brands
  • different navigation equipment already installed on the cars

Requirements for driving quality reports:

  • counting the number of hard accelerations and decelerations
  • calculation of the speeding duration that is based on road restrictions + permissible error
  • fixing violations of the speed limit in certain areas
  • work time and rest time calculation according to the legislation of the Russian Federation
  • providing a report on the driver
  • providing a report on the car
  • divers’ ratings
  • providing information in tabular and graphical form with the ability to export to xlsx format


Geoservice worked with two types of carrier companies, those that had navigation equipment installed before and those that needed partial or full equipment. To obtain data correctly on hard accelerations and decelerations, the accelerometers of navigation equipment were tuned and calibrated for the operation of an acceptable threshold. All cars were equipped with a driver identification system using RFID cards, which made it possible to identify the chauffeur who is driving the car, as well as fix his work and rest intervals.


  • The client got access to reports on the driving quality with the ability to build them both for cars and for drivers. The data is presented in the form of a rating, with the assignment of a score to drivers, and to determine the status of driving “Good”, “Satisfactory”, “Bad”.
  • Reports are color-coded by rating. The reports contain detailed information on each violation. The work and rest mode is additionally displayed as an activity diagram.
  • The report can be viewed online and saved as an xlsx file.
  • Additionally, reports were developed on “accelerometer operation” to prevent disabling accelerometers on equipment, and “last data monitoring” to detect navigation equipment without activity.
  • The administrative resource made it possible to influence drivers with low discipline, as a result, driving quality indicators improved, the accident rate decreased to almost 0. Cargoes are delivered on time and without damage.
  • The rights of carriers were not infringed. Partnerships have been strengthened as carriers have also experienced positive results from the implementation of the system.