Umka Smart Mobile App

We have developed a mobile application called UMKa SMART APP for one of our clients with timber industry business.

Previously, we developed a user-friendly system for this client that allows to provide dispatching of fleet, as well as convenient tracking of performance indicators.

The organization of requests and tasks from dispatchers to the company’s service engineers became the main goal of the developed system. However, the mobile application had to be developed to help service engineers effectively use the system, to work with the system offline, without an Internet connection.

Generally, the service engineers are facing the tasks to travel to the forest where the broken equipment is located and to process diagnostic and repair on the spot.

The main feature of the application is the ability to buffer and synchronize data between the client’s device and the CRM system.

The architecture of the dispatch service system is designed in such a way that even in the absence of the Internet on the client’s mobile device running the application, the data is stored in the application, and then, when connected to the network, it is sent to the CRM system server, where it is checked for relevance.

It is possible for service engineers to work with the application both online and offline.

The main task of the application is to automate the process of servicing vehicles according to an algorithm, which consists of several steps:

Obtainment of a task by a service engineer. After the dispatcher created a request and a task was generated for it, these tasks appear in the application. When a service engineer receives a task, he goes to perform it.

Closing a task. After completing the task, the engineer attaches photos, makes comments, etc. to the task, fills out an electronic certificate of completion in the application and transfers the task to the “Completed” status. After this, changes of the certificate and the task are not possible for the engineer.

The development of such a small but very important mobile application for the client allowed our client to:

  • Simplify the workflow and digitalize it, since reporting has become electronic;
  • Speed up time for service engineers as they no longer need to fill out a paper report.
  • Collect statistics on the work of dispatchers and service engineers to analyze and further improve the efficiency of their enterprise.