Best way to prevent incidents that can lead to traffic accidents


Why is driving quality control important?

We have developed unique algorithms & services that are able to collect statistics on the quality of driving according to a variety of criteria.


Currently, such solutions are actively used by our clients in the following areas:

  • Freight transport (for example, for the transport of fragile goods);
  • Passenger transportation, as well as transportation of children;
  • Car rental and car sharing.

Our solutions allow customers to minimize the number of accidents and offer ways to prevent incidents that can lead to traffic accidents.

Among other things, the implementation of safe driving systems allows our customers to significantly reduce the cost of owning and maintaining their fleet, for example:

  • Reduce equipment downtime due to repairs after accidents;
  • Reduce the chance of damage or loss of cargo;
  • Reduce fuel consumption;
  • Reduce the cost of vehicle maintenance.

Our last cases based on IVMS technologies