One of the priorities in the work of our company

Apps Development

The mobile app development is one of the priorities in the work of our company. Our developers currently build and support more than 5 commercial cross-platform applications for working with various services and data.

Development of web and mobile applications is carried out by our programmers using the following technologies and tools:

  • HTML5, CSS + JavaScript
  • Flutter + Dart
  • Python + Django, Flask
Our main task in mobile app developing for clients is to organize convenient work with new or existing client software using a mobile device.

Typically, the development process in our company is as follows:

  • Description or documentation of the web service or software with which the future application will interact;
  • Development of the structure (screens and buttons) of the future application and its coordination;
  • Development of a design layout for the interface of the future application and its approval;
  • Building a test prototype of a mobile application;
  • Setting up and finalizing the application; testing;
  • Final release of the application.

Such an agile development scheme allows us to meet strict development deadlines, and in other hand the client is able to observe the result of work at each stage more quickly.

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